•      FALL ⁄ WINTER 2009

6651 West Woolbright Rd.

Suite #126

Boynoton Beach¸ FL 33437

The office is in the Shoppes at Woolbright Publix Shopping Center located at the Northwest corner of Woolbright and Jog Roads.

Directions to Our New Office

Using I-95: From the North or South, Exit Woolbright Rd¸ and head west 4.9 miles.

Using the Florida Turnpike: From the North or South, Exit Boynton Beach Blvd¸ and head east 1.3 miles to Jog Rd. At Jog Road¸ make a right turn (heading south) and it’s 1 mile to Woolbright.


"No man is above the law and no man is below the law"

Theodore Roosevelt

Questions of the Season

  • What is Probate?
  • Probate is a state court-supervised procces for identifying and gethering assets of a deceased person (decedent)¸ paying the decedent’s debts and distributing teh decedent’s assets to his or her beneficiaries. Generally¸ probate is necessary for transfer of assets titled in the sole name of the decedent. There are two types of probate administration under Florida law: formal and summary. The term “probate” originates from the Latin word “probatus” witch means to prove (as in proving that the Last Will and Testament is valid¸ complies with the law and is the final expression of the decedent).
  • What is a Personal Representative?
  • The personal representative is the person or financial institution appointed by the Judge to be in charge of the administration of the decedent’s probate estate and has a legal duty to administer the probate estate pursuant to Florida law. In Florida¸ the term “personal representative”

"I think the first duty of society is Justice"

- Alexander Hamilton


The 4-1-1 On Auto Insurance

Description of Basic Coverages in Florida

Please Note:

The below is a brief summary and is not to be construed as a complete and thorough description¸ since additional provisions and applications of coverage exists based on Florida law and the particular insurance policy issued.

Bodily Injury Liability:

Bodily Injury Liability pays for serious and permanent injury or death to others when you cause a crash involving your automobile. Your insurance company will pay for injuries up to the limits of your policy and provide you with a legal defense for you if you get sued by the injured party.

Collision and Comprehensive:

Pays for damage to your vehicle.

Property Damage Liability:

This coverage pays for damages you or members of your family cause (and are liable for) to other people’s property in a crash involving a motor vehicle.

Personal Injury Protection:

PIP is coverage that will pay for medical bills and lost wages due to injury regardless of who caused the crash. PIP applies to bodily injury to you¸ relatives who live in your home¸ and passengers who are not required to have PIP, as well as licensed drivers who drive your vehicle with your permission. PIP insurance also protects you if injured as a pedestrian or bicyclist as long as the crash involves a motor vehicle.

Medical Payments:Pays for medical bills above the 80% coverage under PIP.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Pays for you, your family members, and occupants of your vehicle for injuries caused by other parties when they have either no vbodily injury liability insurance coverage¸ or insufficient bodily injury insurance coverage (may also include phantom vehicle coverage).

Required under Florida law for all vehicles:

Please contact our office for more information. Mr. Laffer is available to assist you in determining your insurance coverage needs and aid you if you are involved in an accident.

A Note from Henry

Dear Friends and Clients:

Welcome to my second seasonal newsletter!


This issue includes all the information you need about the move to our new office location in Boynton Beach!

I have created this newsletter to inform you of legal issues that may affect you and your family. This information is also available on my website¸ www.lafferslaw.com

Please feel free to contact the office to discuss any legal matter. Of course¸ your referral of friends¸ coworkers¸ relatives or neighbors is appreciated.

Thank you for your continued business and support. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.


Answers to Auto Insurance Questions for Snowbirds and New Residents:

  • I am registering a vehicle for the first time in lorida, is automobile insurance mandatory?
  • Yes. If you own a vehicle with at least four wheels and are registering it, you must have Florida insurance.
  • Can I maintain my current policy issued in my previous state of esidence?
  • No. The minimum required insurance must be issued through a Florida agent with an insurance company licensed to sell in Florida. Most insurers have Florida agents and are licensed to issue policies in Florida. Just ask your agent to transfer your current insurance to Florida when you register a vehicle in Florida.
  • I live outside Florida for six months a year. When not in Florida, my vehicle is in storage and not used. Must I maintain automobile insurance?
  • Yes. Any vehicle holding a valid Florida tag and registration must be covered by a Florida insurance policy throughout the entire registration period. When you leave Florida, you may surrender your tag and registration at the nearest driver license or tag office to avoid maintaining your policy. You can always register your vehicle upon your return to Florida, at which time you can provide proof of Florida insurance.

Please contact our office for more information!

What You Should Do in Case of an Accident

  1. Stop your Vehicle, don't obstruct traffic.
  2. If someone is injured, call emergency medical services.
  3. Protect the scene and those involved from further damage or injury.
  4. If you have a camera, photograph the scene and vehicles involved.
  5. Call the police.
  6. Get names of drivers and witnesses (and addresses if possible).
  7. Exchange insurance company information.
  8. See a Doctor-- serious injuries do not always result in pain or bloodshed!
  9. Consult your lawyer promptly.